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Anirudh Sharma

Research Affiliate

Anirudh's spinoff Graviky, is currently trying to sequester carbon emissions from air-pollution by recycling it into other materials such as ink. Graviky's AIR-INK has sparked a global art movement with artists and print industry around the world using it to create beautiful narratives of protest and carbon dependence to spread awareness about the environment. Anirudh loves problem-solving and building technologies that have a real visible impact on people's lives. He uses augmented/ mixed Reality, art, cybernetics, wearables, and materials to create new impactful concepts. Anirudh has conceptualized and developed new ventures in fields as diverse as Augmented reality, Wearable Computing and Technology for Environmental Impact. For his work, Anirudh has received the MIT Technology Review 35 under 35, Innovator of the Year Award, a Forbes 30 under 30 award, and a Foreign Policy global thinkers award amongst many others.

He graduated from the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he worked on Augmented Fabrication/2D/3D using transparent OLED displays.  After MIT his passion for impact-led problem solving brought him back to India, where he led the MIT Media Lab India Initiative with the goal of perpetuating self-organized design innovation into the country’s grassroots.

Prior to the MIT Media Lab, Anirudh founded Ducere—the first wearable tech start-up in India, making wearable computers embedded within shoes for athletic tracking. Ducere's first product Lechal was a navigation aid for the visually impaired. Before that, he worked at Imagin Group, at Hewlett Packard Labs, on an intuitive multimodal speech+ touch based CAD interface for large displays. The prototype ‘MozArt’ is a permanent installation at HP Innovation Center in Zurich and Dubai.