Advancing justice in Earth's complex systems using designs enabled by space

How do I apply to the group?

Students are admitted through the Media Arts and Sciences academic program. Application information is available online. The Space Enabled research group is not accepting applicants at this time, however, the information below is provided for general awareness.

What’s the best way to learn more about the Space Enabled research group?

Read through the overview and research papers referenced on the Space Enabled website. Follow the instructions at this site to learn how to access Prof Wood virtual office hours:

What types of students is the Space Enabled research group looking for?

The Space Enabled research group brings together students with a variety of backgrounds who share the common goal of combining multiple disciplines to advance justice by improving the design of complex systems. We welcome students with multiple, seemingly unrelated interests. Some of the skillsets relevant to the projects we plan to pursue include engineering (ie systems, electrical, mechanical, aerospace, etc), design, technology policy, law, social science, geospatial and geographic science, earth science, public health, environmental science, history, art, and data analytics.

We highly value applicants with previous professional experience, though this is not required.

Do you require a portfolio? What should it include?

The Space Enabled research group does not require a portfolio submission, but we are always interested to see examples of projects that you have worked on. The best way to share examples of your work is to include relevant URLs in your application.