Converting the patterns of nature and the human body into beneficial signals and energy


Conformable Decoders

Conformable Decoders

How to join the Lab

The Conformable Decoders Group at MIT seeks open and honest, creative, skeptical, dedicated, and team-oriented individuals to join our research team. Our lab prioritizes inclusion and diversity to achieve excellence in scientific research and to foster an intellectual climate that is welcoming, nurturing and challenging. Candidates are expected to be technically competent in a discipline relevant to our mission and vision. We are looking for individuals who are interested in developing mechanically adaptive electromechanical systems such as sensors, actuators, transducers and mechanical energy harvesters in nano and micro-scales towards applications in nature and the human body. Successful applicants possess a variety of qualities, including: great interpersonal communication skills, strong organizational skills, and the ability to work independently.

For general inquiries about joining the Conformable Decoders Group, please contact:

Postdoctoral Associates

The Conformable Decoders Group seeks postdoctoral candidates for a one to two-year appointment. Applicants should have an outstanding research track record in one or more of the following areas: microfabrication, cleanroom processes, device designs, materials characterization/processing, electronic circuit design/building and wireless communications. Exceptional individuals who do not match this description exactly will also be considered. A full application should include URLs to an online portfolio (research/work experience, technical skills, publications, patents, etc.) and a resume or CV, and a cover letter describing technical skills, experience, and research interests.

For inquiries about joining the Conformable Decoders group as a Postdoctoral Associate, please contact: with the subject “Postdoc Application”.

Graduate Students

Students interested in joining our group as a graduate student should apply directly via the MIT Media Lab application process. Note: We only accept new masters students. If you wish to pursue a PhD with the Conformable Decoders Group, you must first complete a masters degree from the MIT Media Lab. We do not accept students directly into the PhD program, even with a masters degree from another institution.

For inquiries about joining the Conformable Decoders Group as a Graduate Student, please contact: with the subject “Graduate Student Application”.

Undergraduate Students (UROPS)

We highly encourage undergraduate students to get involved in our research, and we seek to make each research opportunity as fulfilling as possible. Typically, undergraduate students will work closely alongside graduate students and/or postdoctoral researchers on a variety of projects. Interested students should visit the UROP openings page for a list of available positions.