Code Next : Cultural Resonation

MIT Media Lab

Cultural Resonation is the underlying philosophy and energy that informs all aspects of our work. Code Next (CN) is a Media Lab collaboration with Google. The goal of Code Next is to inspire a new generation of computer scientists, innovators, and inventors, and to promote their emergence from the underserved 8-12th grade Black and Latino populations. 

Our curricula and experiential learning activities focus on introductory and advanced coding, the design process, fabrication, digital music, interactive media, game design, computational and physical design, and mechanical and electrical engineering. Our pedagogy and methodology combine Cultural Resonation with coding and making in a laboratory environment. Going forward,  we will continue to collaborate with a select group of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) to fuel the development of their Innovation Centers (iCenters). Presently, we are developing and launching new Code Next projects, and additional iCenters for both HBCUs and for foreign nations.