superpose on display at the MIT Wiesner Student Art Gallery

Tuesday — Wednesday
September 7, 2021 —
October 6, 2021

superpose – A connected experience of sound and space

Karsten Schuhl, MIT Media Lab, Opera of the Future group, Graduation 2021

superpose is a water-based multi-sensory interactive installation. It offers a glimpse into how sound and music operate as physical phenomena in space and how humans perceive them. The experience is in constant aural and visual flux, influenced by the presence of the people in its surroundings: an audible and visible choreography of perturbations. Mechanically created circular waves are the audience’s “agents” in the experience, propagating through the water, mixing and interfering with one another. The installation allows the audience to explore sound and its relationship to space by interacting with a metaphor of sound waves through the water. 

On display September 7 – October 6, 2021 in the Wiesner Student Art Gallery.

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