Virtual Roundtable: The Data Culture Project

April 12, 2018
3:00pm — 4:00pm ET

Many organizations are struggling to find ways to build capacity to work with data. Learning to work with data is like learning a new language; immersing yourself in the culture brings the best results. But trying to build a data culture can be a lonely effort in organizations that haven’t recognized the importance of data.

The Data Culture Project is set to change all of that. With funding from a 2016 Digital Impact Grant, The Engagement Lab at Emerson College and MIT Center for Civic Media joined forces with more than 30 organizations to develop a resource that would demystify data literacy.

The result is a hands-on, self-service curriculum that empowers professionals of all experience levels to ask questions, gather and analyze data, tell stories, and experiment with different audiences.

Moderated by Catherine D’Ignazio, Assistant Professor of Civic Media & Data Visualization at Emerson College, the panel will include:

Our panel will highlight concrete ways to build a data culture, the motivations behind them, and how they are working for various partner organizations they’ve worked with. This conversation will explore:

How do you build a data culture, and why bother?

How can nonprofits learn to use their data to tell impactful stories?

How can organizations foresee and overcome barriers, and become more empowered?

Panelists will address these issues and more, including questions from our virtual audience.

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