Vida Decision Support System International Network Meeting - June 2021




June 15, 2021
8:00am — 9:30am ET

The goal of the June meeting was to discuss the latest Vida DSS prototypes and analyses related to COVID-19. Speakers from MIT and Blue Raster presented on their efforts in this area and how it relates to the Vida project. There was also a discussion period after the presentations to facilitate sharing of insights and lessons learned.

Summary information for the meeting can be found here.

Please view the agenda below. Recordings of the meeting will be available soon.

The Space Enabled research group at the MIT Media Lab is leading a team to design decision support tools to inform public policy in response to challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This project creates a platform for collaboration between technologists to build the Vida Decision Support System, a customized online tool targeted for use by public sector officials at the city and regional level who are making policies regarding public health, the economy, or environmental management. The Vida Decision Support System helps city and regional leaders understand the relationships between important societal factors that are changing by creating models in the following areas: Public Health, Environment, Socioeconomic Impacts, Public Policy, and Disease Surveillance Technology. Vida is based on an integrated Data Visualization and Modeling Framework created by the Space Enabled research group at MIT that combines multiple data sources and creates simulations of the current or potential future states of a city or region. More background information about the Vida Decision Support System can be found here.


All times are in ET, post-daylight savings time

Introduction | 8:05 AM

Opening remarks from Professor Danielle Wood

Vida DSS Web Version Prototype Demonstration | 8:10 AM

An overview and demonstration of the Vida DSS web version prototype by Eric Ashcroft from Blue Raster

  • Speaker name: Eric Ashcroft
  • Organizational Affiliation: Blue Raster
  • Presentation Title: Vida DSS Web Version Prototype Demonstration for Massachusetts

Vida DSS Python Prototype Demonstration | 8:35 AM

  • Speaker name: Jack Reid
  • Organizational Affiliation:  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Presentation Title:  Vida DSS Web Version Prototype Demonstration for Multiple Countries

Open Mic and Discussion | 9:10 AM (15 minutes)

Open mic comments from attendees  or general conversation regarding related analysis and Vida

Conclusion | 9:25 AM

Summary of where information can be found and closing remarks from Professor Danielle Wood.

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