Sputniko! at Sonar Festival

June 13, 2014


Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain


Sputniko! is a japanese designer/artist who designs products, devices, music and film exploring technology’s impact on everyday life to imagine and speculate on alternative futures. Her work smartly combines technology, feminism and pop culture. A brilliant example on what she does and how she works is The Menstruation Machine (2010), design to be worn by men, is a sort of chastity belt that immerse the user on the pain and bleeding of an average menstruation period. As a smart social media influencer, she posted a music video on Youtube that instantly triggered reactions from a wide audience outside arty scene, reaching 100000 Youtube hits in just one week.
Sputniko! has presented her films and installation works at exhibitions such as MoMA, New York and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. She has joined MIT Media Lab as an assistant professor from 2013 to start the Design Fictions Group, that investigates how to provoke discussion about the social, cultural, and ethical implications of new technologies through design and storytelling. Through this keynote, Sputniko! will explain her artistic work and academic development at one of worldwide most relevant creative research labs.
On 2013, was awarded the Vogue Japan Women of the Year and more recently she was selected as one of 100 Most Influential People of Japan by the influential magazine Nikkei Business.
This conference is offered in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

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