Rosalind Picard - Brice Distinguished Lecture


Rice University

Rice University

January 28, 2020

How Affective Computing can Change our Future Health
at the Rice University Electrical & Computer Engineering, McMurtry Auditorium (Houston, TX)

AI—including machine learning providing emotional intelligence—is becoming embedded in our wearables and smartphones, enabling new insights and interventions for improving lives for many people, including those with Autism, Epilepsy, and Depression. The latter condition, depression, is growing and forecast to become the #1 disease burden by 2030. How close are we to forecasting changes in mood, stress, and physical health before they happen? Could AI help us prevent tomorrow’s worsening mood or ill health, and reduce the likelihood of diseases such as depression, helping people stay healthy instead of becoming sick? This talk will show the latest findings using machine learning and wearable & smartphone sensing, also highlighting ethical and privacy concerns.

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