Natan Linder Dissertation Defense

August 7, 2017
3:00pm — 5:00pm ET

Rapid Development, Real-World Deployment, and Evaluation of Projected Augmented Reality Applications


Pattie Maes
Professor of Media Technology
Director, Fluid Interfaces Group, MIT Media Lab

Joseph A. Paradiso
Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, Program in Media Arts and Sciences
Director, Responsive Environments Group, MIT Media Lab

Steven K. Feiner
Professor of Computer Science
Director, Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, Dept. of Computer Science, Columbia University

Current interactive projected augmented reality systems are not designed to support rapid development and deployment of applications beyond the confines of research labs. I developed a series of self-contained interactive projector–sensor systems (collectively LuminAR devices) and a web-based software development framework. This novel, tightly integrated approach allows developers who are not versed in computer graphics, vision algorithms, and augmented reality techniques to implement projected AR applications rapidly. In this work, I review several real-world uses of the system for retail presentation, desktop interaction and collaboration applications, manufacturing, and education. The work is evaluated through extensive use of the hardware and software by developers as well as two user studies that specifically explored applications for manufacturing and education. The evaluation methodology focused both on basic interaction and system usability as well as the implications of using augmented interfaces in the specific application domains of education and manufacturing. I also discuss the results of the first large-scale user studies of projected augmented reality rapid application development. Finally, I provide a set of design principles for projected augmented reality applications, and recommendations concerning how to deploy such applications in the real world.

This dissertation work was partially supported by a research grants from Intel, Steelcase and Pearson.

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