Moriba Jah Gives MLK Visiting Scholars Luncheon Seminar: "A Case for Space Environmentalism"


Moriba Jah

Moriba Jah


Space Enabled Affiliate, Visiting MIT MLK Professor, and MacArthur Fellow Prof. Moriba Jah will give an MLK Visiting Professors and Scholars Luncheon Seminar, "A Case for Space Environmentalism."

Registration is required to join in person or virtually. Logistical details for the physical location and virtual connection are provided upon registration. Follow this link to register.

Prof. Moriba Jah describes space environmentalism in the context of space sustainability and linking space to land, air, and oceans. Jah will show the current state of orbital pollution near earth and motivate the audience to empathize with humanity’s wicked problems. Jah will focus on the importance of space to humanity’s ability to thrive and survive as a species, and talk about Ancient TEK (traditional ecological knowledge) as a set of tenets we should adhere to in this endeavor.

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