Moon Dialogs #6: Sustainable Lunar Surface Infrastructure


MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative

Moon Dialogs 

October 1, 2020
2:30pm — 4:30pm ET


Join us for Sustainable Lunar Surface Infrastructure

The Moon Dialogs is pleased to announce the sixth salon in our series aimed at advancing interdisciplinary lunar policy thinking relevant to near term lunar activity.

Thursday, October 1st at 11:30 am PST / 2:30 pm EST / 8:30 pm CET our topic will be Sustainable Lunar Surface Infrastructure. The discussants will be Brent SherwoodAlexander MacDonald and Dava Newman who will draw upon their expertise to provide comments on space architecture, economic sustainability and innovation structures, hosted by Ariel Ekblaw and the MIT Space Exploration Initiative.

We will feature a 45 minute panel discussion moderated by MIT’s Mehak Sarang, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A and a subsequent 30 minutes for community discussion in breakout groups. At the conclusion of the first 90 minutes, there will be an optional 30 minute open discussion/afterparty for those who wish to convene and gather further.

We will also be announcing a new project from the Space Exploration Initiative and Open Lunar Foundation, the Lunar Open Architecture—an open source, dynamic, and living roadmap for lunar exploration, welcoming feedback from the community.


 Brent Sherwood

Vice President at Blue Origin

Alexander MacDonald 

Chief Economist at NASA

Dava Newman 

Apollo Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics  at MIT

About This Series

The Moon Dialogs salons seek to cultivate thought leadership on lunar surface coordination mechanisms to accelerate peaceful and sustained presence on the Moon. We host monthly research salons on salient topics every full Moon. The Moon Dialogs is a partnership focused on governance and coordination mechanisms, convened by organizations and participating researchers exploring voluntary, multilateral mechanisms, norms, and economic arrangements that aim to grow ecosystems of lunar activity--both governmental and non-governmental. The project is a collaboration between Open Lunar Foundation, Secure World Foundation, the MIT Space Exploration Initiative, Arizona State University, and For All Moonkind. The Dialogs bring stakeholders to the table on equal footing, with an emphasis on practical tools, operating models, and rights frameworks for the next 10 years. Is it not a consensus forum, but a place to put forward ideas which will accelerate short term activity and support bold plans for sustained presence. If you would like to propose a topic or a speaker for our next salon, please contact jessykate@openlunar.org.

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