MLTalks: Marco Kaltofen

September 21, 2015


MIT Media Lab, Third Floor Atrium


The MLTalks series hosts visionaries who work at the intersection of technology, art, and enterprise.

Marco Kaltofen, PhD, PE, is an environmental scientist with 30 years of experience in environmental, workplace, and product safety investigations, and is currently president of Boston Chemical Data Corporation. He received his PhD from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2015. His research at WPI focuses on investigations into petroleum and nuclear releases. He has provided expert testimony and consulting as a chemist and as an engineer. Dr. Kaltofen's nuclear forensics work includes experience in the US, Middle East, Russia, India, Japan, and European Union countries. 

Dr. Kaltofen is co-chair of the Superfund Restoration Advisory Board to the US Army Soldier Systems Command and founder of Citizens Environmental Laboratory. He is a member of the EPA Committee on National Accreditation of Environmental Laboratories, the American Chemical Society, and the American Society of Civil Engineers, and is a founding board member of the Environmental Technology Education Center.

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