MIT Horizon Live Event: Artificial Intelligence for Enhancing Empathy, Diversity, and Inclusion


Martin Trust Center

Martin Trust Center

January 6, 2022
11:00am ET

Using artificial intelligence and biosignal processing, scientists are gaining insight into empathy and emotions. MIT Media Lab postdoctoral associate Camilo Rojas will join MIT Horizon to discuss how his team has developed Project Us, an AI tool that runs in the background of video calls and analyzes the speakers’ emotional dynamics based on multiple biosignals (among them, tone of voice, facial expressions, and semantics). It then gives personalized, confidential, practical feedback, chiefly on how one’s behavior made the other person feel. This helps people increase their self-awareness, empathy, and inclusiveness.

Project Us can be used to support companies’ diversity and inclusion programs and has applications in telemedicine, mental health support, and conflict resolution as well. After the talk, Camilo will take questions from the audience. 

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