Micah Eckhardt Thesis Defense

December 19, 2014


MIT Media Lab, Bartos Theater E15-070


Communication impairments are a core characteristic of autism, affecting social-emotional interactions and broader language skills. Literature suggests the single most important prognostic indicator for young children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is language ability. The focus of new technologies to support learning and “digital literacy” provides an opportunity to address the unique needs of those diagnosed with ASD. In particular, technologies that implement constructionist principles through participatory cultures may be effective in supporting the educational and therapeutic needs of those diagnosed with ASD. Unfortunately, there is little cutting-edge research and development of such technologies with or for the ASD community. In this thesis, Eckhardt explores the development, implementation, and testing of an inclusive creative learning platform, StoryScape, to support learning and the unique needs of those diagnosed with ASD.

Host/Chair: Rosalind W. Picard


Mitch Resnick, Matthew Goodwin, Gregory Abowd

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