Media Lab Summer Camp 2021: Toppan-Figur8


Andy Ryan

Andy Ryan

June 25, 2021

6月25日(金)4:00-5:00pm (日本)
凸版印刷株式会社 + Figur8 (MIT スピンアウト)

発表者:鈴木剛史(Toppan) 、田邉 集 (Toppan)
キーワード: ウェルビーイング、ヘルス・テック
セッション:聴講型(講演20分+Q&A 20分)



Friday, June 25, 2021 at 16:00-17:00 (JST)
Toppan Printing and Figur8 (Media Lab startup)
Title: Evidence-based personal healthcare service by musculoskeletal (MSK) analysis
Presenter: Mr. Koshi Suzuki (Toppan), Mr. Shu Tanabe (Toppan)
Keywords: Well-being, HealthTech
Format: Lecture for 20 minutes + Q&A for 20 minutes

The body is something that everyone has in common, regardless of country, language, or culture. When we look at the movements and posture of this body, we find that many people are too tense/relaxed and are not able to maximize their natural physical abilities. Not only that, but they also suffer from diseases and injuries such as stiff shoulders, lower back pain, and knee pain. In order to solve these problems, we are currently working with Figur8, a media lab startup company, to create a business and system to provide evidence-based personal care services suitable for each individual by measuring their individual physical habits and the quality of their movements with sensors.

This collaborative project is a challenge to uncharted territory through collaboration with colleagues from different countries, cultures, specialties, positions, languages and personalities. So far, we have been honing our skills to move forward while stumbling and stumbling off our feet and somehow struggling to keep our balance. And every day, I realize the importance of "relationships based on trust and contribution" and "the courage to push forward into unknown possibilities despite feeling fear. On the day of the seminar, I would like to introduce these things in a life-size way.


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