Media Lab Summer Camp 2021: Kioxia-NHK-Synthetic Neurobiology


Andy Ryan

Andy Ryan

June 19, 2021

6月18日(金)9:00-10:00pm (日本)// 8:00-9:00am (ボストン)
キオクシア株式会社 + NHK + Synthetic Neurobiology (MIT) 

発表者:坂東洋介博士 (Kioxia)、金谷美加(NHK)、エド・ボイデン教授 (MIT)


Friday, June 18, 2021 at 21:00-22:00 (JST) // 8:00-9:00 (EDT)
Kioxia Corporation, NHK, and Synthetic Neurobiology
Title: Towards Understanding The Brain Using Data Storage
Presenters: Dr. Yosuke "Bandy" Bando (Kioxia), Ms. Mika Kanaya (NHK), Prof. Ed Boyden (MIT)
Keywords: Brain science, Data storage
Session format: Lecture style (45-minute Lecture + 10-minute Q&A)

The brain is a complex and as-yet-unknown organ. Research is underway around the clock with the goal of understanding and repairing it. One of the first steps is to try to create a detailed yet large-scale map of the brain that shows what is where in the brain. This session introduces some of such cutting-edge neuroscience research being conducted at the MIT Media Lab, as well as explains how Kioxia, a semiconductor memory company, is contributing to those efforts using its data storage technologies. Two projects will be highlighted: (1) 8K Brain Tour, visualization of large-scale three-dimensional microscopy images of the brain on a large high-definition display also in collaboration with NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation, and (2) Expansion Sequencing, a new technique published in Science Magazine that identifies detailed locations of gene expression throughout brain circuits. A 45-minute talk will be followed by a Q&A and discussion section, where behind-the-scenes stories will be shared, including how the collaboration around these projects started and evolved as well as what lessons were learned.


(Top) Kioxia Corporation / Media Lab (Bottom) The RNA team - MIT and Harvard Medical School researchers

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