Media Lab @ O'Reilly Solid Conference

Wednesday — Thursday
May 21, 2014 —
May 22, 2014


San Francisco, CA


Speaker Schedule
Joi Ito: Co-host and keynote speaker
May 21, 9:45am | Nadya Peek: Making Machines that Make
May 21, 11:00am | Hiroshi Ishii: Vision-Driven: Beyond Tangible Bits, Towards Radical Atoms
May 21, 2:35pm | Kamal Farah: Data Vehicles for Open Mobility in Cities
May 21, 3:45pm | Amanda Parkes (Media Lab alum): Manufacture NY: A New Model for Fashion Fabrication & Research
May 21, 5:10pm | Noah Feehan (Media Lab alum): Blush: Designing a Social Wearable
May 22, 10:10am | Neil Gershenfeld: The Third Digital Revolution
May 22, 11:05am | David Cranor (Media Lab alum): Bootstrapping Design Culture
May 22, 11:15am | Paola Antonelli (Media Lab Advisory Council): The New Frontiers of Design
May 22, 11:30am | Ayah Bdeir (Media Lab alum): The Internet as Material: Empowering the Next Phase of Connected Hardware Innovation
May 22, 1:45pm | Saul Griffith (Media Lab alum): Main stage session
May 22, 1:45pm | David Mellis: Open-Source Hardware and the Digital Fabrication of Electronic Devices
May 22, 2:05pm | Matt Carney: Relative Robotics: Autonomous Digital Assembly of Reconfigurable and Arbitrarily Sized Structures
May 22, 2:55pm | Cory Kidd (Media Lab alum): Commercializing Academic Research: From the MIT Media Lab to a Consumer Robot
May 22, 2:55pm | Linda Stone (Media Lab Advisory Council): From Quantified Self to Essential Self: Instrumenting What Matters
May 22, 3:45pm | Greg Borenstein: More Pixels Law: How The Camera is Becoming the World's Most Important Sensor
May 22, 5:10pm | Ben Waber (Media Lab alum): Wearables at Work
May 22, 5:10pm | Marcelo Coelho (Media Lab alum): Materializing Interaction
Demo Pavilion Hours (both days):
6:20-7:30pm (Wednesday only)
FitSocket by the Biomechatronics Group
High Definition 3D Printing with Form 1 by spinoff Formlabs
Changing Environments by Sandra Richter
Manufacture NY by alum Amanda Parkes

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