MLTalks: Khalida Brohi

October 31, 2012


MIT Media Lab, Building E14, 6th Floor


This talk has been postponed and will be rescheduled.
Khalida Brohi is a 24-year-old social entrepreneur from Balochistan province in Pakistan. Starting her career at 16, she stood up to fight the custom of honor killings in her community, later running the campaign "Wake Up" against honor killing as well as her current program called Sughar Women Program. Sughar (English translation: Skilled and Confident Woman), aims to create a society where women are not killed for honor but are honored and given equal status. Sughar provides socio-economic empowerment to tribal women in Pakistan using their traditional skill of embroidery as a source to help them launch businesses.
With the successful take off of Sughar, Brohi has plans to change the lives of a million women in Pakistan over the next 10 years. She has been named among NewsWeek’s list of 100 Women Who Matter in Pakistan; awarded the Young Women in Business Award and Azm-e-Alishan National Award in Pakistan; Young Champion Award by University of Singapore; and The Unreasonable Institute Fellowship Award.

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