MLTalks: Carroll Bogert "Look Who's Talking: Non-Profit Newsmakers in the New Media Age"

September 10, 2012


MIT Media Lab, Third-Floor Atrium


Changes in the media world have been hard on journalists and unsettling for news consumers, but they have also had significant implications for international non-governmental organizations. At Human Rights Watch, the research and advocacy organization based in New York, foreign correspondents have always been an important partner in exposing human rights abuses, and the decline in international news in the mainstream media threatens the basic human rights methodology of “naming and shaming.” But the changing media landscape also constitutes an important opportunity to reach new audiences, interact with the public more directly, and disseminate information quickly and effectively. Carroll Bogert, the Deputy Executive Director for External Relations at Human Rights Watch and a former foreign correspondent for Newsweek magazine, will discuss how Human Rights Watch is filling the gaps in foreign news reporting and becoming a media producer in its own right.


Carroll Bogert is Deputy Executive Director for External Relations at Human Rights Watch. She oversees the organization's external relations and works with the executive director on advocacy and fundraising. Bogert previously served as Human Rights Watch's communications director, publicizing the organization's work and drawing attention to human rights issues in more than 90 countries worldwide. Before joining Human Rights Watch, she spent more than a decade in international news reporting for Newsweek magazine, beginning as a stringer in China, then moving to the Southeast Asia bureau as correspondent, becoming bureau chief in Moscow, and finally working as an editor and international correspondent in the magazine's New York office. Bogert holds an MA in East Asian studies and a BA magna cum laude from Harvard University. She speaks Russian, French, and Mandarin.

Host/Chair: Ethan Zuckerman

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