ML Focus Series - Workshop: Extending Human Rationality


Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman has shown that people engage in two types of thinking: System-1 is fast, automatic, emotional and error prone while System-2 thinking is slower, more effortful, more rational and logical. Unfortunately a lot of our daily decisions and judgments are based on System-1 thinking. Given that many people now carry wearable or portable devices with them 24x7, there is an opportunity to use these devices to support people in making more rational decisions and judgments. We are experimenting with this concept in two application areas. Project "PAL" explores how real-time systems can intervene to support people with behavior change and formation of (better) habits. Project "Augmented Reasoner" explores whether people, supported by a real-time system for evaluating statements, make more rational judgments about the statements that they read or hear, for example, in the media, in advertisements and more. The goal of both of these projects is to support people in developing their innate abilities to make rational decisions and change their behavior to be more in line with their personal goals.

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