The End of Reality: The New Augmented Reality @ SXSW

March 12, 2013


Omni Downtown Capital Ballroom 700 San Jacinto, Austin, TX


The 21st century has introduced an array of technologies that strive to enable the seamless mix of virtual content and real-world environments. The ability to augment the human senses holds great potential, but could there be an inherent conflict with our natural experiences of our surroundings?
Emerging head-worn displays, such as Google Glass, promise to simplify and amplify our experiences of the real world, but are we also risking to diminish and reduce the value of an unaltered reality?
This session will examine a number of current and future technologies in the light of the interactions and experiences that they may deliver and the failures that may be foreseen. What are the risks of augmented reality technologies? What is the potential and the tradeoffs in adopting this new science? What are the implications beyond our visual perception for augmenting touch, hearing, smell and taste?

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