EmotiBit: Internal Context and the Future of Augmented Cognition




September 25, 2019
10:30am — 11:30am ET

Studying physiological signals and how they change gives us a window into ourselves and how we can enhance our health, wellbeing, and capabilities in the 21st century. This fall my lab is launching EmotiBit (https://www.EmotiBit.com/), a wearable open source sensor for capturing emotional, physiological, and movement data. I'll discuss how a low-cost sensor can help democratize BCI research, create more dialog between artistic and scientific inquiry, bring BCI research into classrooms at a younger age, and create a multiplier toward understanding human cognition. I'll also discuss the value of having open source tools for scientific research and creating a future in which our internal context combined with artificial intelligence play a central role in augmenting human cognition.

This talk is open to the public.

Sean Montgomery is a technologist, educator, and new-media artist in New York City. Sean's work uses research methodologies combined with emerging technologies to take a trans-disciplinary look at the human condition and examine the changing relationship between the physical and metaphysical world. After finishing his PhD in neuroscience, Sean founded Connected Future Labs (http://www.ConnectedFutureLabs.com/), an agile R&D consulting group that utilizes a depth of expertise in circuits, algorithms and design to bring cutting edge technology out of the research lab and create real world applications. Continuing to develop the synergy between science, art, and technology, Sean's lab is launching EmotiBit (https://www.EmotiBit.com/), a truly wearable open source sensor module for capturing high quality emotional, physiological, and movement data from the body.

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