Deblina Sarkar @ ICECTA 2019

Tuesday — Thursday
November 19, 2019 —
November 21, 2019

The International Conference on Electrical and Computing Technologies and Applications, 2019 (ICECTA’2019) focuses on the latest theoretical and practical developments in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Computing Technologies, their Applications and the related fields.  It is organized by the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK), UAE. It aims to provide engineers, professionals, academics and researchers with a platform to share their current research findings and explore recent developments, current practices and future research directions. 

Keynote by Prof. Deblina Sarkar—"Computing Systems: From Green Electronics to Gray Matter" 

While the computing demands of Information Technology are ever increasing, the capabilities of electronics have hit fundamental walls due to energy and dimensional un-scalability. In this talk, I will demonstrate the quantum mechanical transistor, that I developed [Na-ture 2015], which beats the fundamental energy limitations. This device is the world’s thinnest channel (6 atoms thick) sub-thermal tun-nel-transistor. Thus, it has the potential to allow dimensional scalability to beyond Silicon scaling era and thereby to address the long-standing issue of simultaneous dimensional and power scalability. Going beyond electronic computation, I will discuss about the biologi-cal computer: the brain, which can be thought of as an ultimate example of low power computational system. I will introduce the tech-nology [Soc. Neuroscience 2016], which reveals for the first time, a nanoscale trans-synaptic architecture in brain and the way mother nature has engineered bimolecular organization in the brain to optimize its computing efficiency.

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