Danielle Wood & Jack Reid Speak at Mexican Congress of Space Medicine 2020


Agencia Espacial Mexicana

Agencia Espacial Mexicana

October 8, 2020
12:30pm ET

Watch the live stream here: https://www.gob.mx/aem

Danielle Wood and Jack Reid speak at the 6th Mexican Congress of Space Medicine, presenting on "The Vida Decision Support System: Using Geospatial Data to Inform Policy During COVID."  The event will concentrate both on space sciences and technologies as well as the challenge that humanity has been facing this year, COVID-19.  The event is part of the First National Congress of Space Activities, and sponsored in part by the Mexican Space Agency.

The Vida Decision Support System is a customized online tool  being developed by the Space Enabled Research Group and several collaborators. Vida is targeted for use by public sector officials at the city and regional level who are making policies regarding public health or environmental management. The Vida Decision Support System helps city and regional leaders understand the relationships between important societal factors that are changing by creating models in the following areas: Public Health, Environment, Socioeconomic Impacts, Public Policy, and Disease Surveillance Technology. Vida is based on an integrated Data Visualization and Modeling Framework created by the Space Enabled research group at MIT that combines multiple data sources and creates simulations of the current or potential future states of a city or region (see Reid, Jack, Cynthia Zeng, and Danielle Wood. "Combining Social, Environmental and Design Models to Support the Sustainable Development Goals." In 2019 IEEE Aerospace Conference, pp. 1-13. IEEE, 2019).

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