Danielle Wood Speaks at the American National Standards Institute Informational Meeting


American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

December 7, 2020

Read the Press Release Announcing the Report from this event!

The American National Standards Institute released a report summarizing the discussions from the event held in December 2020.

Danielle Wood spoke about her work on the Space Sustainability Rating project at the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)'s informational meeting on Standardization and the Commercial Space Industry – Space Situational and Domain Awareness, Space Traffic Coordination and Management, and Orbital Debris Mitigation. The purpose of the virtual meeting was to raise awareness of relevant policy and standardization activity and to facilitate dialogue on coordination and participation in standards-setting. 

ANSI serves as administrator and coordinator of the US private-sector system of voluntary standardization. The Institute has been in discussions with commercial space industry stakeholders for well over a year now. In January of 2020, ANSI convened a half-day meeting on commercial space industry standardization and subsequently issued a survey inviting feedback on priority areas, areas needing coordination or not being worked on, and topics that could be discussed at an ANSI meeting, thus leading to this event.

The December 7 meeting featured government, industry, non-governmental, academic, and other perspectives on policy instruments, industry standards, and best practices, as well as moderated, interactive discussion. The opening keynote address was provided by Colonel Curtis L. Hernandez, Director, National Security Space Policy, National Space Council. Additional confirmed speakers and moderators include:

·       Dr. George C. Nield, President, Commercial Space Technologies, LLC

·       Kevin O’Connell, Director, Office of Space Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce

·       Steph Earle, Acting Deputy Division Chief, Policy and Innovation Division, Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration

·       Dr. Jer Chyi “J.-C.” Liou,Chief Scientist for Orbital Debris, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

·       Therese Jones, Senior Director of Policy, Satellite Industry Association

·       Charity Weeden, Vice President, Global Space Policy, Astroscale U.S. Inc.

·       Dr. Brien Flewelling, Chief Space Situational Awareness Architect, ExoAnalytic Solutions

·       Dr. Daniel Ceperley, CEO and Co-Founder, LeoLabs, Inc

·       Maj. Gen. Jim Armor, USAF (ret.), Founder/CEO, The Armor Group, LLC

·       Dan Oltrogge, Director, Center for Space Standards and Innovation (CSSI) and Integrated Operations, COMSPOC Corporation

·       Marlon Sorge, Principal Engineer, Space Innovation Directorate, The Aerospace Corporation

·       Dr. Ruth E. Stilwell, Executive Director, Aerospace Policy Solutions LLC

·       Frederick A. Slane, Executive Director, Space Infrastructure Foundation

·       Prof. Danielle R. Wood, Director, Space Enabled research group, MIT Media Lab

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