Danielle Wood Speaks at ASLI's First U.S.-Africa Space Partnership Roundtable



ASLI Background

November 3, 2022

Danielle Wood will be a speaker at the first US-Africa Space Partnership Roundtable, hosted by ASLI on November 3 at 10am ET/4pm Pretoria time.  On 20th July 2022, President Joe Biden of the United States of America (U.S.A) announced that the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit would hold from 13-15 December 2022. In view of the planned Summit, the African Space Leadership Institute (ASLI) is organizing a high-level Space Policy Roundtable, with the theme: “Towards a Framework for U.S.-Africa Space Partnership.”

The objectives of the roundtable include:

(1) Identify possible areas of collaboration (policy, programmes and projects) between the U.S. and Africa;

(2) Initiate a mechanism for periodic dialogue between Africa and the U.S. on space-related issues of mutual interests;

(3) Gather thoughts on a framework for U.S.-Africa Space Partnership. 



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