Danielle Wood & Kevin O'Connell Speak at Space Sector Market Conference


Space Sector Market Conference

Space Sector Market Conference

September 29, 2021
9:00am — 10:30am ET

Danielle Wood will speak at the Space Sustainability Panel: Sustaining Operations and Sector Capabilities at the Space Sector Market Conference, being held virtually and in-person in Cambridge, MA.  The panel will explore what a robust and sustainable space sector will look like in the next decade as proliferated space capabilities flourish in the commercial space market.

The Space Sector Market Conference fosters action-oriented communication and collaboration across all segments of the space industry. The founding conference members believe that the biggest breakthroughs in space are possible only through the combined efforts of academia, industry, financial markets, and government. They strive to bring together the boldest thinkers and doers from universities and industry to collaborate with government leaders and private financial partners to mobilize the Space Sector Market to its fullest capability in the best interest of the U.S. and its partners. 

Space Sustainability Panel: Sustaining Operations and Sector Capabilities

Danielle Wood 

Kim Slater

David Aronoff

Dave LoBosco

Jeromy Grimmett

Vanessa Griffin

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