Danielle Wood and Minoo Rathnasabapathy Speak at SDA Bocconi's Space Economy Evolution Lab Annual Conference


SDA Bocconi

SDA Bocconi

June 27, 2022

Prof. Danielle Wood and Dr. Minoo Rathnasabapathy will participate at the Space Economy Evolution (SEE) Lab Annual Event 2022, organized around the theme "Fostering Multidisciplinary Research for the Future of Space."  The event aims at commemorating the contribution of Andrea Sommariva's research activities on space economy and at launching the Lab's future program with the welcoming of its new Director.  

The SEE Lab was born to provide space-oriented businesses, non-space industries, financial operators and public actors with the in-depth understanding and strategic insights necessary to leverage the opportunities presented by the evolution of the space industry.

Carrying forward the legacy of Giovanni Bignami and Andrea Sommariva, the Lab pursues a robust interdisciplinary research approach and the strengthening of a wide network of partners in order to support key players in the field of space economy in light of future industry-specific and global challenges.

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