Comcast week at the Media Lab - 2021




Tuesday — Thursday
February 23, 2021 —
February 25, 2021

The MIT Media Lab is a community centered around research and invention—a place that builds ideas to change the world. As a valued member of that community, Comcast has supported the Lab’s work for almost its entire existence. 

This series of highly curated sessions with the faculty and students is Comcast’s exclusive chance to hear what that research is, where it might fit into Comcast’s current and future agendas, and how these two entities can create something together that’s bigger than either of them. Sometimes the connection is obvious—like Comcast, the Media Lab indeed works on media. More important, however, the combination of what we do, how we do it, and why we do it can unexpectedly alter your own creative thinking or shine a light into new technologies that will blossom in the near future, whether you are in communications, production, or physical spaces. 

We will run three sessions between February 23 and 25: one and a half hours each on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoon, half presentations, half discussion. In the meantime, consider reserving the time, as people from all levels of the Corporation will be there asking questions. 

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