AI on the Lot: Bringing AI into Hollywood features Pat Pataranutaporn


Katherine Taylor

Katherine Taylor

May 16, 2023
4:00pm — 11:00pm ET

Pat Pataranutaporn, a Ph.D. candidate at MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces group, is set to speak and moderate a discussion at the AI on the Lot event on May 16.

AI on the Lot is a pioneering summit that unites independent filmmakers, showrunners, studio executives, and top AI tech companies to explore the transformative influence of Artificial Intelligence on Hollywood. This groundbreaking event will explore AI's impact on the writer's room, production, post-production, VFX, animation, and new business models. Attendees can expect thought-provoking panel discussions, AI demos, and opening remarks by Cynthia Littleton, Co-Editor-in-Chief at Variety, all aimed at fostering collaboration, innovation, and shaping the future of entertainment.

​Hosted by AI LA and FYI Campus, Hollywood

​Supported by Dell, NVIDIA, HPE, the Late Arrivals, AE.Studio, and EZ-AI

​Media Partner: Variety Intelligence Platform 


AI on the Lot

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