Affective Computing Group @ EMBC Conference

Tuesday — Saturday
August 25, 2015 —
August 29, 2015


Milan, Italy


Paper and Oral Presentations
8/26, 11:45am | Javier Hernandez: BioPhone: Physiology Monitoring from Peripheral Smartphone Motions
8/26, 4:00pm | Sara Taylor and Natasha Jaques: Automatic Identification of Artifacts in Electrodermal Activity Data
8/28,1:45pm | Rosalind Picard: Embrace: Learning about Stress, Sleep and Seizures with a Wrist-Worn Device
Paper and Poster Presentations
8/28, 10:00am | Weixuan Chen: Wavelet-Based Motion Artifact Removal for Electrodermal Activity
8/28, 10:00am | Akane Sano: Prediction of Happy-Sad Mood from Daily Behaviors and Previous Sleep History
8/28, 4:00pm | Akane Sano and Szyon Fedor: Separation of Ambulatory Skin Conductance in Day and Sleep Activities Based on Activity Magnitude and Sleep-Wake Scoring

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