The Future of Therapeutics, AI, and Beyond


Dan Allen

Dan Allen 

Agenda for Monday, February 26, 2024

(Agendas are subject to change)

This event is by invitation only, and a referral by Media Lab member companies or our faculty is necessary for participation. For organizations and individuals interested in joining, please contact the event organizer first at xr-events@media.mit.edu. Thank you.


Main venue: Silverman Skyline (E14-648)

[Physical Address of the venue] 75 Amherst Street, Cambridge, MA 02142

Event Theme:  Future of Therapeutics, AI, and Beyond


10:15 (15 min) Arrival
Please proceed to the 6th floor for registration.

10:30-12:00 (90 min) 

 Track 1 : Workshop in E14-240

          Research Assistant Craig Ferguson from Affective Computing: Patient Engagement

Track 2: Demos and Guided Tour(30 min/group) in each lab area

       10:30-11:00 -  Conformable Decoders (#Implantable, #Conformable tech) E15-443
       11:00-11:30 -   Fluid Interfaces (#AI, #Wearables, #HCI) E14-548
       11:30-12:00 -  Biomechatronics  (#Human Augmentation) E14-274

12:00-13:15 (75 min) Discussion over lunch with Associate Director, Professor Ramesh Raskar, faculty and researchers,  beginning with a welcome by Director Dava Newman
 at 12:00 in E14-648

13:15-13:30 (15 min) Break
in E14-648 and E14-638

13:30-16:30 (180 min) Talk Sessions
* in E14-648 

     13:30-13:50 - Adoptive/Brain-controlled Prosthetics - Professor Hugh Herr

    13:55-14:15 - Injectable nano devices - Professor Deblina Sarkar

    14:20-14:40 - Patient Engagement - Professor Rosalind Picard

    14:40-15:10 - Break     

    15:10-15:30 - Sculpting Evolution with AI - Professor Kevin Esvelt

    15:35-15:55 - Wearables for Supporting Wellbeing and Sleep - Professor Pattie Maes

     16:00-16:20 - Atom, CAD, Designing proteins, Molecules + DNA - Professor Joseph Jacobson

16:30-17:30 (60 min) Social Session in E14-648 and E14-638

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