The Human Founder: Building 2 successful startups and the significance of your mindset and desire play

Ep 58: Natan Linder– Co-Founder & CEO of Tulip, Co-Founder & Chairman at Formlabs at Solutum

Natan grew up next to his granddad's woodworking shop, always building things with his hands. At the same time, his dad, who was an engineer, taught him about programming, and he also started doing that at an early age.

As a teenager, he was interested in building things with more people, so he started his first company at the age of 17 and caught the entrepreneurship bug. Still being a high school student, he came to experience a totally different world of meetings while entering the mindset of a COO of the company– things he only saw in movies before.

After he graduated high school, he served in the Air Force intelligence, where he did operational and technical roles, which meant he had a lot of responsibility on his hands. When he finished his service, he stepped out into a different world - it was the end of the “.com” era, and he found himself writing a lot of code. He was drawn mostly to embedded systems - he liked the combination of hardware and software.

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