Rébecca Kleinberger, From DJ Macaw to Video-Flocking: Leveraging audio technology for animal’s social and cognitive enrichment

In this presentation, Dr. Rébecca Kleinberger will present her research work at the intersection of new technology, animal-computer interaction, and the sonic environment. Drawing upon her extensive collaborative work with zoos, wildlife specialists, and conservation centers, Dr. Kleinberger's work primarily targets the enhancement of life for animals in managed care through auditory technological interventions.

The presentation will dive into a series of projects, including the 'Joy Branch', a physical interface allowing a Macaw to control its sonic surroundings; the TamagoPhone a specialized incubator facilitating vocal interaction between avian parents and their eggs during artificial incubation, a full-duplex underwater apparatus to converse with cetaceans, and a real-time acoustic monitoring system for the classification of giant panda vocalizations. Dr. Kleinberger will also present her recent work on "Birds of a Feather Video-Flock Together," a video-calling system for parrots that has gained recognition for its contribution to interspecies ethical enrichment.

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