AVID Open Access: Day of AI, with Randi Williams

Randi Williams, a doctoral student at MIT, joins the Unpacking Education podcast hosted by AVID Open Access to talk about the Day of AI, which is an opportunity for K–12 teachers and students to explore the topic of artificial intelligence (AI). The official event date for 2023 is Thursday, May 18, but educators can utilize these resources anytime. This free event is intended to help students learn how machines think and to help them better understand how AI is embedded in our rapidly changing world.

The lessons and activities are targeted to general education teachers and students, not just those specializing in STEM or computer science. Up to four hours of lesson plans are provided per grade, and access to materials and lessons is granted with a free registration. The developers of this event encourage educators to “be part of the Day of AI and give them [students] the power to program their own future.” Additional information is available on the Day of AI website.

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