Ori’s partnership with Marriott Hotels, announced at CES this week




The two brands will be working together as part of Marriott's Design Lab to completely reimagine space, transforming the way customers experience travel. Integrating Ori products and technology into Marriott guest rooms will allow travelers flexibility and adaptability and new kinds of rooms and experiences. This is the first large hospitality partnership for Ori, marking a new era in transformable space in the industry. 

Ori, a robotics and architecture startup on a mission to help people live large in a small footprint, combines engineering, technology, and design expertise to create transformable furniture and provide more flexible and multi-functional spaces that are also more sustainable because they essentially create two rooms out of one. Imagine a bed that lifts into the ceiling to reveal a table for dinner or desk for work – all at the touch of a button, sound of your voice or swipe on your phone.

The concept was revealed this week at CES and includes the Cloud Bed, Sofa EditionCloud Bed, Table Edition and Pocket Closet.

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