Alvin Harvey Highlighted in MIT News on "Indigenous scholarship and community at MIT"


Carsten Robens

Carsten Robens

via MIT News

April 25, 2022


Space Enabled collaborator, Alvin Harvey, was recently highlighted by MIT News in an article by Peter Dizikes entitled "An expanded commitment to Indigenous scholarship and community at MIT."  The article reads in part:

"MIT’s faculty meeting on Wednesday had a special guest: Graduate student Alvin Harvey SM ’20 spoke on behalf of students, faculty, and staff who have been drawing attention to MIT’s historical relationship with Indigenous peoples and examining how the Institute can build durable support for its Indigenous community.

One vehicle for that work has been course 21H.283 (The Indigenous History of MIT), launched in the spring of 2021. Last Wednesday, Harvey, a PhD student in MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, outlined the kinds of topics 21H.283 has explored, while making a direct and heartfelt call for the Institute to rectify what he asserted has been “the intentional erasure of the Indigenous presence at MIT” in the Institute’s past.

“Your positions as intellectual leaders at MIT allow you to be brave, to make the changes necessary to repair the relationship with Indigenous people,” Harvey told the faculty at the online meeting. “This course is a part of that work.”  "

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