For the women of McCormick, a new space in which to create

By Sudhi Oberoi

Outdated wall art has been replaced with a whiteboard for ideas, couches with an ergonomic work bench, and an old coffee table has made way for a 3-D printer. This is the new craft studio at McCormick Hall that has transformed a previously under-to-unused room into a thriving studio for crafts lovers.

Creating and crafting has long been a tradition at McCormick, MIT’s only all-women and women-identifying dormitory. To honor this tradition, McCormick has had a sewing room since 1967, although its drab ambience and lack of organization had dampened its usage.

“The original sewing room was basically the size of a closet and it was dark, unused, and really cluttered. We wanted a nicer space that more people would be able to use,” says sophomore Nyssa Miller, a resident and chair of sewing at McCormick.

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