Do video doorbells really help to deter crime?

By Rod McCullom

On a Monday afternoon in late June, two women were outside on the 500 block of Gridley Avenue in Akron, Ohio, when they were shot. Moments earlier, three young men pulled up in a silver Ford Taurus, exited the vehicle, and opened fire before driving away, according to local media accounts. More than 40 shell casings were recovered, reports say, with bullets striking several vehicles and homes. One of the victims, a 65-year-old woman, said she was shot in the shoulder while sitting on her porch. “I’ve lived here for 41 years and I can’t even sit on my porch anymore,” she told 19 News in Cleveland.

The next day, there was another shooting just over a mile away, also involving multiple young men in a vehicle. In both cases, the incidents were recorded by Ring video doorbells and the footage was shared with the police department and local television news stations.

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