A 29-Year-Old CEO Who's Shaking Up Diagnostics & Other Stories From The 2019 Healthcare 30 Under 30

Beyond CRISPR even more is happening in the lab. When Kyle Loh was 24 he became one of Stanford University’s youngest professors ever and had figured out how to generate pure batches of human bone, heart and liver cells from embryonic stem cells. One day Loh, now 29, hopes the ability to mass-produce these cells will be used for transplantation to reduce the organ shortage. At 29, M.D.-Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington Alex Salter is studying ways to make genetically modified T-cells better at killing cancer. And 28-year-old MIT researcher Tyler Clites has designed a way to make prosthetic limbs that communicate sensations of joint position and movement directly to the nervous system.

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