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Isaac Blankensmith

Isaac Blankensmith

A six-week summer course in Shenzhen gave students a unique experience in bringing their research into a manufacturing environment

Every summer from 2013 through 2019, students from the Media Lab traveled to Shenzhen, China to try their hand at transforming projects they’d painstakingly prototyped in labs into high-quality, mass-manufactured products ready to deploy in the real world. Known as Hacking Manufacturing or Research at Scale, the six-week course allowed students to gain experience in and exposure to the realities of deploying their research outside of an academic institution. 


Gavin Zhao
Jie Qi
Artem Dementyev
Jifei Ou

Judith Amores, Fluid Interfaces
Matt Carney, Biomechatronics
Irmandy Wicksono, Conformable Decoders
Ken Nakagaki, Tangible Media
Isaac Blanckensmith(collaborator)

Factory support:
AQS: John Lee, Cathy Yang, Rice ?, Sting Shi
King Credie: Simen Zhang, Zoro Zeng, Bing Yao
Jiada plastics: Victor Tan
K-Tech knitting: Andy Su, Angela Chen, Jordi Montaner, Yu Zehn Yu
Xinci Magnet: Mr. Zhang, Li Hong and Cai Pei
Fuze Gear: Mr. Liu

Sponsored by:
MIT Media Lab

Special thanks:

Video  production:
Jiefu Zheng
Wenjin Liao
Eonnam Kim

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