Wearable Communicator Badge: Designing a New Platform for Revealing Organizational Dynamics

Daniel Olguín Olguín, Joseph A. Paradiso, Alex 'Sandy' Pentland


We are developing a new wearable electronic badge that will enable people working in large organizations to communicate, find information, and interact in more efficient and intelligent ways. The badge will perform speech analysis and speech recognition using a microphone and state-ofthe-art micro-power electronics. It will be capable of playing audio messages and reminders through a speaker. An accelerometer will allow us to study how people move and behave throughout the day: Are they walking to a meeting? Are they talking to someone? Are they sitting in front of their computers? An infrared sensor will be used to capture face-to-face interactions and study social networks. A 2.4 GHz radio transceiver will send and receive information from base stations distributed along a specific area and a Bluetooth module will enable it to interface with cell phones, PDAs, portable computers, and other Bluetoothenabled sensors and devices.

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