Usability testing of LUI: A new human‐computer interface for large displays

Dumas, C., Erdelez, S., Pomerantz, J. and Parthiban, V. (2019), "Usability testing of LUI: A new human‐computer interface for large displays." Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 56: 645-647. doi:10.1002/pra2.118


A usability study was conducted on a new human‐computer web interface for large displays created by researchers from the Media Lab at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Data was collected by observing 12 subjects who were asked interact with a large screen monitor using a set of gestures. The subjects were also asked to complete a survey after they participated. The purpose of the study was to discover new methods of how people interact with a large display using gestures. By understanding how people use this interface, novel applications that reflect user preferences can be designed. Our findings discovered usability and technology issues that were given to the creators of the web‐interface that was evaluated in this study. We also created usability testing protocol that will be used in future studies of this gesture‐based application.

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