The Fine Art of Electronics: Paper-based Circuits for Creative Expression

Qi, J. "The Fine Art of Electronics: Paper-based Circuits for Creative Expression"


This thesis investigates the creative possibilities enabled by combining circuit building with paper craft to create paper electronics"a medium that adds the magical interactivity of electronics to the physical intuitiveness and expressive potential of paper. I designed this medium to take advantage of the skills and creative associations that most people already have with paper, in order to ease everyone into creating expressive electronics. This work outlines the basic set of tools, materials and techniques used for making electronics with paper"from drawing circuits with copper tape to actuating paper with shape memory alloys. I also share my own creative journey and development as a result of working with this new medium. Finally, I document the creative results and lessons learned from others' explorations through workshops. These workshop results show how paper electronics can inspire and enable diverse audiences to create personally expressive artworks with technology.

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