SANCTUARY: Asymmetric Interfaces for Game-Based Tablet Learning

Haas, J. "SANCTUARY: Asymmetric Interfaces for Game-Based Tablet Learning"


This thesis describes the production of Sanctuary, a multiplayer learning game to be played on two tablet computers. Sanctuary's principle innovation is the splitting of the user interface onto two tablets, separating player tools in separate roles and thus providing players with obtainable epistemologies. The designed intention of this interaction is to force communication and interaction and thus metacognition in players. By requiring players to express their beliefs about the game world to one another in language in order to be successful, the design of the game encourages players to formalize their intuitions and experiences. If this approach is successful, then it may be applied further to an increasing range of epistemological frames and better science education. This has the potential to build cooperative, thriving learning communities with shared experiences. The game was tested with a non-random stratified sample of high school students, suggesting new directions for the intervention, and demonstrating the value of co-design.

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