Robotic learning companions for early language development

Kory, J., Jeong, S., & Breazeal, C. L. (2013). Robotic learning companions for early language development. In J. Epps, F. Chen, S. Oviatt, & K. Mase (Eds.), Proceedings of the 15th ACM on International conference on multimodal interaction, (pp. 71-72). ACM: New York, NY.


Research from the past two decades indicates that preschool is a critical time for children's oral language and vocabulary development, which in turn is a primary predictor of later academic success. However, given the inherently social nature of language learning, it is difficult to develop scalable interventions for young children. Here, we present one solution in the form of robotic learning companions, using the DragonBot platform. Designed as interactive, social characters, these robots combine the flexibility and personalization afforded by educational software with a crucial social context, as peers and conversation partners. They can supplement teachers and caregivers, allowing remote operation as well as the potential for autonomously participating with children in language learning activities. Our aim is to demonstrate the efficacy of the DragonBot platform as an engaging, social, learning companion.

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