Meme Tags and Community Mirrors: Moving from Conferences to Collaboration

Richard Borovoy, Fred Martin, Sunil Vemuri, Mitchel Resnick, Brian Silverman, Chris Hancock


Jfeme Tags are part of a body of research on Group Wez a wearable ~chnology fiat supports people in the formative stages of cooperative work Conference participants wear hfeme Tags that rdlow them to electronically share memes—succinct ideas or opinions—with each ofier. Aongside of the person-t~ person transactions, a server system collects information about the memetic exchanges and reflects it back to the conference-goers in Co~i~ Alirrors-large, pubfic video displays that present rerd-tirne visudiations of tie unfolding community dynamics. This paper presents results from a proof-of-concept trial of the Meme Tag technology undertaken at a h~ Media Laboratory conference.

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