Meeting Mediator: Enhancing Group Collaboration and Leadership with Sociometric Feedback

Taemie Kim, Agnes Chang, Lindsey Holland, Alex 'Sandy' Pentland


We present the Meeting Mediator (MM), a real-time portable system that detects social interactions and provides persuasive feedback to enhance group collaboration. Social interactions is captured using Sociometric badges [17] and are visualized on mobile phones to promote behavioral change. Particularly in distributed collaborations, MM attempts to bridge the gap among the distributed groups by detecting and communicating social signals. In a study on brainstorming and problem solving meetings, MM had a significant effect on overlapping speaking time and interactivity level without distracting the subjects. The Sociometric badges were also able to detect dominant players in the group and measure their influence on other participants. Most interestingly, in groups with one or more dominant people, MM effectively reduced the dynamical difference between co-located and distributed collaboration as well as the behavioral difference between dominant and non-dominant people. Our system encourages change in group dynamics that may lead to higher performance and satisfaction. We envision that MM will be deployed in real-world organizations to improve interactions across various group collaboration contexts.

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