Integration of inter-personal space and shared workspace: ClearBoard design and experiments

Hiroshi Ishii Kobayashi, M., and Grudin, J.


This paper describes the evolution of a novel shared drawing medium that permits co-workers in two different locations to draw with color markers or with electronic pens and software tools while maintaining direct eye contact and the ability to employ natural gestures. We describe the evolution from ClearBoard- 1 (based on a video drawing technique) to ClearBoard-2 (which incorporates TeamPain~ a multi-user paint cdtor). Initial observations based on use and experimentation are reported. Further experiments are conducted with ClearBoard-O (a simple mockup), with ClearBoard- 1, and with an actual desktop as a control. These experiments verify the increase of eye contact and awareness of collaborator’s gaze direction in ClearBoard environments where workspace and co-worker images compete for attention.

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